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Sauna —> IV Vitamin Therapy
When receiving these 2 services during the same visit, it is ALWAYS best to do the sauna before receiving IV Drip Therapy. It is not recommended to get in the sauna after IV drip therapy for at least 24 hours, as doing so will eliminate the benefits that the IV drip provides your body as it will cause you to sweat out the nutrients, inhibiting your body from absorbing them.

IV Vitamin Therapy —> mHBOT
The pressurized environment of the hyperbaric chamber encourages deep cellular absorption of IV nutrients in the bloodstream, thus improving the body's cellular response for healing. While there is no associated risk that is incurred by receiving an IV after mHBOT, it is still highly recommended that you receive your IV prior to your mHBOT session. 

Sauna —> Cryotherapy 
It is highly recommended that you receive the heat exposure provided by the Sauna prior to cold therapy as this increases blood flow and promotes faster muscle recovery. Cryotherapy provides an accelerated release of norepinephrine, the hormone that blocks inflammation pathways. The vasodilation caused by the infrared sauna is immediately shut down by the cold. Blood vessels constrict, flushing out trapped inflammation and toxins. Skin cells also immediately vasoconstrict, cleaning and shrinking pores. 

IV Vitamin Therapy —> Cryotherapy
Increased nutrient content occurs in the body as a result of IV therapy. Cryotherapy helps to better distribute nutrient, oxygen rich blood to muscles throughout the body as it assists IV vitamins to continue to accelerate the anti-inflammatory process. 


Massage —> Sauna
Following a massage, the sauna provides an opportunity to further loosen sore/stimulated muscles, provide full body relaxation and encourages the removal of toxins stirred up from massage through sweating. The sauna improves and increases circulation and allows toxins to be circulated through blood stream quicker. 

Massage Chair/Massage —> Chiropractic
Massage relieves musculoskeletal tension that could be contributing to subluxation and improves overall effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.

Sauna —> mHBOT
A sauna session induces heat shock proteins that are similar to a body’s natural fever and can begin a healing process removing a body of illness. The mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber (mHBOT) then provides an opportunity for increased healing due to the pressurized pure oxygen environment.

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